Your Experience

It’s your service, it’s your story.  Sessions with Rose and Saber center on telling your story of service in a way that is authentic to you.  As we plan your session together, we focus on bringing out the hero you are, the experiences that formed you, and the way you want your story to be remembered.  Being in front of the camera can feel awkward at first, but we will take our time to make you feel comfortable, to relax, to have fun, and bring out that inner badass.


In addition to portraits, we offer photography of your mementos – maps, gear, coins, flags, anything that evokes a good “so there I was…” story.  These photos can be incorporated into our heirloom quality albums as a way to see the larger story of your place in the service of our country.  Additionally, these photos ensure that no matter what happens to the “stuff” through moves, life, whatever, you will always have a visual record of these memories.  If you do opt to create an album, we even include some personal photos, mixing your portraits with photos of mementos, and personal experiences creates a comprehensive volume of your story for generations to cherish.


After your photo session, we will meet for a gallery viewing.  At this meeting we will catch up and relax as we unveil your photos and guide you as you select prints and/or albums that achieve your goals.  We have carefully cultivated our products for quality and longevity and focus on providing unparalleled service throughout your decision-making process.


From beginning to end, we are driven to provide you with a luxury experience that respects you, your service, and your goals.