My goal is to be more than a photographer, I want to be your photographer.


Thank you for visiting Rose and Saber!  This is my labor of love and passion.  I created this business to serve military families – using the symbol for the military spouse, the rose, and a universal representation of our service men and women, the saber, to create a way to tell the story of sacrifice and service of our military families.  Our generation has had the unique experience of serving our country through its longest period of conflict, and our stories should be told and preserved.  You are all heroes.

I’d like to introduce myself here, in a real way.  I am Laura Shanks.  Wife to an active duty airman and mother to two amazing girls.  Although my educational background is in environmental biology, photography has always been a part of me.  It wasn’t until my kids came along and we were stationed at Altus AFB, that I started taking it seriously, and now I can’t imagine life without a camera in my hand.  I love photos of silly faces, photos where no one is looking at the camera, photos that are moody, photos that make you laugh, photos that make you cry.  I believe in meeting every person with an open heart and a warm smile.  I believe in exploring cities and wilderness.  I believe in love, laughter, and good lenses.  I believe in you.  I believe you have a story that deserves to be heard.


So let’s do this!  Let’s meet, let’s take some rad photos, let’s preserve your legacy.